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How many times have you tried to stick to a diet, started noticing some changes, maybe even successfully achieve the desired weight but then your cravings pushed you back to where you were?

Along with even worse self-esteem caused by failing just another attempt to change your life towards a healthy, skinny body you have always desired to have?

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Failing a diet is not your fault! Sure, you could lose some weight, but many researches show there is a big possibility you will gain it all back and even more.

Reason for this is that many diets dictates “deprivation eating”, which you can normally follow just a certain time.

But even if you are strong minded, would you really like to live your life with all those sacrifices you have to make to achieve and sustain a desirable body weight?


I was never the »skinny« girl in school; I always had some excess body weight, especially on my belly

I failed every diet because I could not permanently give up the type of food, which is normally forbidden in any diet – the desserts.

But a few years ago I finally found a way out of diets with “deprivation dieting«!

I finally realized I could still lose weight and keep it off without giving up my desserts!

My holy grail was in fun dessert recipes, with right type of ingredients which helped me to still lose weight while eating my favorite food.

Do you find impossible to avoid chocolate, deserts and all the other treats you love when you’re trying to lose weight?

This page offers you a way to indulge into desserts which contain ingredients that will help you to lose weight and keep it off!

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The key is not in “deprivation eating” but in eating the right ingredients which have a positive impact on your body weight.

We all know sugar and unhealthy fats is the main culprit which cause you to gain weight.

Sugar, a simple carbohydrate, causes your insulin level to burst and because it has nowhere to go your body goes it into fat storage mode.

But still, many »healthy« recipes available, incudes load of sugar!

Many »healthy« recipes also include white flour as a main ingredient, which is also a simple carbohydrate and has a similar effect on your body!


On the contrary, healthy fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates, like full grain flavor, keeps your insulin levels from spiking too high, which not only protect you against massive attack of huger, but have also a positive effect on body fat storage. 

You are only a click away from almost limitless amount of healthy, fun dessert recipes and are all meeting two criteria:

  • they include ingredients which helps you to lose body fat
  • they are still yummy
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Some other statistics you might be interested in:

  • 62 of the recipes are completely free of gluten
  • 38 are especially for vegans (no dairy or eggs)
  • 20 are low carb recipes (under 10 grams of NET carbs per serving
  • 29 are free of nuts (in case you want to pack them with your kids’ lunch)
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Are you a strawberry, coconut, caramel, chocolate lover?

There are many strawberry dissert recipes, coconut dessert recipes, caramel dessert recipes, chocolate dessert recipes available!

Are you maybe just a beginner?

Don’t worry; there are many easy dessert recipes especially for the beginners.

Are you always in a hurry?

Quick desert recipes are just for you then.

And I could enumerate forever!

This e-book also warns you about 6 deadly ingredients, or rather SINgridients, you have to avoid, but are, sadly, still found in many other “healthy” recipes available online!

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