Random Maze Generator

More about Free Random Maze Generator – Online Maze Maker

When you want to create a maze, you probably want a different one each time. This free random maze generator will give you one!

Generate random mazes online in any size and color.

The mazes can be generated in many different sizes and formats. You can choose to create a small maze or a large one, with a simple or complex structure, or make it for printing and download it as an image.

You can also choose the path color and width for your maze. The maze generator is the perfect tool for making a maze of any size, shape, and complexity. You can use this free maze maker to create printable mazes for your classroom or just have fun playing around with this simple yet addictive game. Once you have chosen your settings, click the “Generate New Maze” button to create a random maze.

Right-click the “Maze” to save your maze as an image.

How to use it:

  • Set your desired maze settings
  • Click the “Generate New Maze” button
  • New random maze will be generated

Settings explained

  • Width – Number paths fitted horisontally
  • Height – Number paths fitted vertically
  • Path Width – Width of the maze path
  • Wall Width – Width of the walls between paths
  • Outer Wall – Width of the outer most wall
  • Path Color – Color of the path
  • Wall Color – Color of the walls
  • Maze – Seed for random numbers