The study of numbers and their effect on the character of a person, love life, wealth opportunities, and other parts of the life of a person’s life is fascinating.

Skeptical people see numerology as hogwash similar to horoscopes and astrology, which is not a surprise.

However, if you are thinking about getting a numerology report, it means you believe in it to an extent.

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This is an interesting review from the perspective of one who was once skeptical and who has tested it.  

With many of the unreliable and dodgy numerology sites on the internet today aimed at fleecing desperate people, it’s essential to go for

It is one of the bestselling and detailed online numerology websites with thousands of satisfied customers.

But what makes it better than the others?

Here is an exclusive review.

What is is a numerology report producing a website that is operated by Mike Madigan.

It offers accurate and immediate information about your abilities, weaknesses, talents, and destiny using your name and date of birth.

The website is a web interface that contains facts about numerology.

It also provides a vast number of numeric services and reviews for customers of all statuses and ages.

It is an easy way to learn everything about numerology. The main focus of is providing an excellent source of numerical knowledge for people who are enthusiastic about it.

The site has many experienced experts in the science of numerology and who contributes to the contents of the website with the best advice.

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How Works

The creators of this website claim that it uses a program that taps into more than 4000 years old numerological analysis science and uses the techniques to give you a customized report based on your date of birth and name.

You don’t have to waste a lot of time listening to inspirational sermons or reading a book on unlocking your potential.

The numerologist report will give you a number that will mark the starting point of discovering yourself and what the future holds.

The site responds significantly and is easy to use.

Mike and his team use two techniques in making these numerologists reports.

The only difference between the two reports is the amount of information that will be garnered.

The first technique uses the foundation of your surname, name, and birthdate.

This information is used by the team at to come up with all the possible permutations using these numbers and letters to offer the information in the report.

Users say that this method provides a broader range and more precise information.

If you understand and have time for numerology, you can use this technique on your own.

A review of shows that this method will give you a lot of information on various aspects of life and existence.

The second numerology technique is more complex and requires you to be an expert in spiritual connections to get results.

However, this method gives more accurate results if you have advanced knowledge of numerology.

Similar to the first technique, this method uses letters and numbers from your date of birth, surname, and name.

Guru numerologists in utilize these data to provide excellent effects. numerology report

The Numerologist Report Outlook

All the review reports come in a video format that is customized to be unique for the viewer.

The video contains a combination of awing narration and text.

Though the video has no option of skipping while watching, you can pause the video.

More so, you need to be very attentive to the report details, or otherwise, you will have to refresh the page and watch it again.

The report focuses on the numbers and letters in your name and date of birth.

The significance of these numbers, referred to as life paths vary with some providing details that mean more to your life than others.

These details will help you in rediscovering yourself, your personality, hidden talents, and assist you in regaining your focus in life

One you finish with the review, there is another video that gets offered to those who want to understand their destiny number.

The destiny number gets using your name with each letter corresponding to a particular number. The destiny number gets arrived at by adding the numerical value that corresponds to the letters of your name.

Destiny numbers provide an account of your history since your time of birth and the purpose of your life.

The final report review of these predictions needs you to offer your marital status.

The number in this report is known as Soul Urge. This number is useful in revealing your deepest motivations and desires.

This is the most comprehensive part of the report and tells you what you require to evolve in your life and relationships.

numerology chart Pricing

The site provides a first free trial for new users to get acquainted with the website.

Users are then required to subscribe to the premium package that goes for $37.

This is relatively cheap as compared to the massive amount of information that you will receive for the next nine years.

You will get numerology readings every month for the next nine years.

You will access the services in digital format instantly.

Romantic Compatibility Analysis is another product offered on the site in which you will pay $19.99.

This helps you to understand more about your partner and help you make the best decisions for your relationship.

Other products offered on the site include: 
•    Mastering the Matrix for $14.97
•    One-year Forecast Report for $12.99
•    Customized Personality Profile for $15
•    The Good Luck Amplifier at $14.97
•    Ten reports and eBooks for $9.77. these are free for premium subscribers
•    The 1 Minute Relationship Forecast for $14.97

Visit the site and find out more products and packages on sale.


Final Thoughts

According to this review, this site is not a scam.

If you are into numerology, then you will get the best from using

It provides the solutions that act as the best answers in helping you to know your inner nature and destiny hence improving yourself and your way of life.

Most of the site’s responses to clients are great and gives a 365 days money-back guarantee for maximum customer satisfaction.

Knock into your hidden treasures and discover amazing new things about yourself on

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