Mailto Link Generator

About this free Mailto Link Generator

This is a simple online mailto link generator. It generates a short mailto link to the email address of your choice. Simply enter your desired email address, subject and body and click the “Generate” button. The generated mailto url will appear below the form fields.

If you want to copy the generated mailto url, simply click on it and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard, then paste it wherever you want by pressing Ctrl+V!

This online mailto link generator is intended to be used as a tool for creating short links to email addresses. It is not intended to be used as a method of spambots or malicious activity.

We do not store any information you enter into the form fields, and will not use it for anything other than generating the mailto url. You can use it for both personal and commercial purposes. We do not limit the number of times you can use it, or require any type of registration. We’re proud to offer this free mailto link generator as a service to the internet community. We hope you find it useful!

How to use it:

  • Fill out the form: email, subject and body of your email
  • Click Generate Mailto Link button
  • Your mailto link url will be generated below the button ready for use