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Due to all disappointments I had with skin, beauty and health industries I have determined quite a while ago to stop wasting money on expensive health and beauty products in “magic” bottles available in drug stores or online.

Instead I was determined to educate myself about our body, health and natural home remedies so I could escape this vicious circle of misleading information and products which does not help my health nor my wallet.

On this new path I started to take courses and read books about human anatomy and physiology as I came to conclusion this is an important field of knowledge when trying to live a healthy life and taking proper care for your body.

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Online anatomy and physiology course that works

I enroll in an online anatomy and physiology course and I can proudly announce I had my final anatomy and physiology test last week and I have passed it with excellence.

When turning a certain age, many people become lazy in conquering new knowledge and lose their curiosity.

We start having excuses like “my eyes do not serve me as they used too…” or “I am too tired…” or “I do not have any free time left”. Really?? I am 45 and I nailed my anatomy and physiology test!

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I think many people are impaired by the most common fear in our lives, which hinders us not so seize the opportunities our life gives us – I am talking about the fear of failure.

Trust me I know what I am talking about because I have to battle this fear every day, from the moment I get out of my bed. But engaging in anatomy and physiology online was just another win for me. This anatomy and physiology study helped me to discover my body and learn new things about it.

If you are also interested in this topic but you are not into courses so much, there are many anatomy and physiology books and anatomy and physiology study guides available in stores or online.

The Ultimate Home Study Course On Human Anatomy & Physiology


My final thoughts

Do not worry if you are just entering this science field and you do not know much or even anything about it –  with a little of research you will find out that there is also anatomy and physiology for dummies or online medical terminology course you can enroll in.

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If you do not have time to visit your library or you think anatomy and physiology books in book stores are too expensive, there are many anatomy and physiology notes available online.

Or if you are tired of books or find them boring there are also things like anatomy and physiology test, online anatomy course, online medical terminology course games, anatomy quizzes etc. available online.

Or if you think of yourself as a more practical person there are anatomy and physiology practice tests also available.

Dr. Ross’s Human Anatomy Course is one of many courses available online. Because there are many pros available about this course – much of this is also a work of a great advertising policy, here are my cons of this course:

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  • Every section of this course is a stand-alone course. As a result, basic anatomy and physiology concepts are repeated many times.
  • The module which covers pathology follows a different format to the anatomy and physiology modules.
  • Even though the information which are given are in simple terms and in ways that makes learning and retention easy, it is very unlikely that anybody would be able to master anatomy and physiology in as little time as three days as suggested by the course.

If you find more cons please let me know!

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Master Human Anatomy & Physiology Now

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