A Review of Jack Bauer’s ‘ His Secret Obsession’

Unlike conventional readers, one of the advantages of reviewing books is that you come across books that are out of the box.

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His secret obsession is an unconventional read.

This is because this book is an amazing read for both sexes even if it was primarily written for womenfolk.

I have noticed several negative reviews about this book on the internet, which I think are highly misguided.

The book has quite some tangible facts which, in my opinion, justify its cost.

Jack Bauer’s ‘’ his secret obsession’’ is highly recommended for those of us who want to understand the mystery that is love.

A Brief Overview: His secret Obsession by Jack Bauer 

This book by Jack Bauer is specifically written for women who want to better their relationships.

This can be achieved by understanding the mental constitution of a man.

Jack Bauer is a relationship expert and trained psychologist, which makes him highly qualified to, in the context of relationships, write about men.

He is also the author of ‘what men secretly want’ which covers similar issues.

what men secretly want

This also makes him an experienced writer. This is evident in the manner he tackles the different issues in his secret obsession.

The book takes a detailed approach to the age-old question- what do men want?

Needless to say, there is a manipulative undertone in the book but this is a common occurrence in the majority of self-help books in the market. James Bauer talks about the ‘Hero instinct’.

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Generally, the book endeavors to demystify the masculine nature of men. As a woman, you may constantly find yourself wondering what his secret obsession is and whether his secret obsession really works.

The book takes a very comprehensive but refined take on the ‘hero Instinct’; it provides ladies with valuable insights on how to trigger their men’s ‘hero instincts’.

The hero instinct is a term used to describe a biological engine that thrives on sex, thirst, and hunger.

The book also talks about other psychological male traits that may be important to understand.

Who is the book written for and when should it be read?

His Secret Obsession book

The book is written for women.

This is a book is answers questions in regards to the convoluted mind of a man.

If you are looking for help, this book will be of immense benefit.

Since the writer is well informed about the matter, he has been able to write a comprehensive and insightful book that is not filled with falsehoods.

Even if your relationship is sailing smoothly, the book may give you a few tips on how to makes things better.

This book is designed to give you step by step guidance on how to transform your dying relationship into a vibrant one.

Additionally, by using his secret obsession phrases, you will be able to attract your man and create a strong connection even if things appear to be hopeless.

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Interesting points in the book

There are several secret obsession phrases that I found to be quite interesting.

Unfortunately, many women are not aware of these relationship hacks.

There is a lot of pressure on men to display characteristics of dominance.

This leads men to avoid showing emotion and pretending to be emotionally stronger.

Men only allow women who they feel they have a future with to see their vulnerable side.

From the book, women learn that there are times, during a relationship, that cause the feelings of a man to stagnate.

These circumstances curtail a man from showing affection.

By utilizing his secret obsession phrases, your man’s love for you will grow deeper.

secret obsession phrases

A woman who allows a man to show his vulnerabilities to her, comfortably, gains the love of the man.

The book explains that there are certain phrases when spoken correctly, evoke a strong emotional response from a man.

Men find women who express themselves verbally more attractive.

This makes a man fascinated by the woman and allows him to be emotionally vulnerable in her presence.  

According to Jack Bauer, men portray themselves to be emotionally impenetrable.

This, according to the book, is a façade. The truth of the matter is that men feel insecure about women.

This being the case, women need to learn how to navigate this matter. You do this by learning emotional triggers.

These triggers are activated by utilizing specific phrases like I am your lady, have you been working hitting the gym, among many others.

From the book, women learn that it takes more than good looks for a man to commit.

his secret obsession phrases

Most people think that the way to get a man is linear. Things are more complicated than that.

Lastly, every man has a specific emotional trigger that activates the ‘Hero instinct’.

hero instinct

When his secret obsession hero instinct is invoked, a man rises to the occasion and takes control of matters.

Secret obsession phrases are fantastic in their own right but powerful words in the form of hero instinct phrases will do wonders for your relationship.

They will inspire devotion, commitment, and most importantly his love.

Pros and Cons


  1. Well composed and informed style of writing.
  2. Jack Bauer brings a treasure trove of new ideas to the discussion like the elaborate concept of ‘hero instinct’.
  3. Jack Bauer knows what he is doing. He is not an unprofessional money grab; he presents very insightful ideas on the matter.


  1. The manipulative undertone is quite bothersome.
  2. It is only available online.


I hope you enjoyed this book His Secret Obsession review. Those who are hesitant about purchasing this e-book, it is important to realize that this book one of the best relationship program in the market.

The question that is mainly asked is does his secret obsession work?

The answer is yes.

The writer covers every stage of a relationship; therefore, allowing women to ignite love in their relationships.

His secret obsession hero instinct is the most powerful tool I have come across.

Women who trigger this emotion successfully can make their partners love them more.

By and large, the book is a must read for people who want to spice up their romantic lives.  

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