Extreme Family Survival Review

extreme family survival review

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I’m super excited to tell you about this one, let’s just dive into my extreme family survival review.

Have you already heard for »Extreme Family Survival Course« by author known only by its pen name as Jason Richards?

I came across this course when my husband, who, due to his “midlife crisis”, began to attend different new courses and other activities.

One of them was this “Extreme Family Survival Course”, which is a home course for survival preparedness in case of different modern and historic crisis.

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Why choose extreme family survival course

When he surprised me with information about best survival weapons, survival gear and appropriate survival clothing during our morning jogging, my first taught was “do we really need to worry about those things”?

Every day I have to deal with common family problems, which relate to my children’s teenage problems, my husband’s stressed work, their contentment and health etc.

Between my job, family and exercise I barely find some time to relax and empty my head.

Isn’t our modern society evolved enough so we can set aside worries about bare survival and worry about other, new, modern, problems, which our social, economic, medical and technological development have brought us?

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There are many reasons why people are scared

We cannot object that every day the problem with inflation, unemployment and falling value of dollar deepens.

Starvation is no longer a situation, which take place far away from us.  

But are we really headed towards the kind of apocalypse where knowledge about survival weapons and techniques will be crucial?

Then, I realized maybe this is not the right question to ask.  

Maybe the right question is: “Do we really know how bad it is?” “Do we really know when, if, we will hit the rock bottom and a civilized man will disappear?


We all know about all the misleading information we have to deal with every day.

How can we possible know the trough?!”

I am not saying we all need to take this Extreme Family Survival Course and learn about survival weapons, outdoor survival, survival camps, survival food storage and other things, methods and techniques this survival guide book offers, but I am also not saying this is something my family will definitely not need at some point in the future – for sure!

What I am sure is that common people have limited information provided from government and media, and if apocalyptic crisis ever come, like every other mother, I will make everything in my power to protect my family!

the 3 deadly survival mistakes 99.8% of Preppers Make

What you get – Pros & Cons

Although I do not know whether my husband’s excitement about this survival course is only impact of his “midlife crisis”, I have still asked him for a list of pros and cons about this course, which you can see below.

Things I like (my husband):

  • Tips on water purifications
  • How to protect your family from harmful animals and bugs
  • How to build a protection shelter
  • How to treat illness or fever only with herbs and plants
  • Tips on growing your own food
  • Common mistakes people make during preparing their survival bag
  • Eatable items that provide instant energy
  • Food items you can found to feed your family without visiting a supermarket or store
  • Easy survival weapons you can make
  • 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked

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Things I do not like (my husband):

  • Unnecessary use of superlatives, some “yeah, yeah” phrases
  • Lack in information on important medicines
  • Lack of some basic information
  • Lack of specific proofs at some parts
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My final verdict

As I listened to my husband talking about tips, guides and information about survival preparedness I realized that, with some extremes, these 297-pages guide covers all information that come in handy every time you go camping, hiking, climbing, tripping, backpacking or on every other activity that took place in nature or even urban areas.


You don’t need an apocalyptic crisis to use these things. 

And if you are an adventurist, who loves extreme trips, discovering desolate areas, this is a course that will surely give you some useful tips which will ease your adventure.

I hope you enjoyed my extreme family survival review and you learned something new.

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