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bearded dragon care sheet

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Our family has always been the one that had the largest number of pets on our street.

There are our three cats – two from animal shelter and a lost wanderer, who we accepted into our family, a very brave goldfish, which I have successfully defended against the cats (for now) and my son’s bearded dragon – the most extraordinary creature we ever had under our roof.

Because I did not know much and had so many questions unanswered about this pet, there were many battles between me and my soon before I finally gave up and let him buy his beloved pet.

Bearded dragon food, bearded dragon price, bearded dragon cage, bearded dragon breeder, bearded dragon supplies…there was so much to learn about our new member of the household.

red bearded dragon care

Due to many marketing frauds, scams and misleading information about products and services I started my research on bearded dragon forum, where I relied on experiences and knowledge of bearded dragon owners.

bearded dragon care guide

After informing myself about bearded dragon price and bearded dragon breeder I started researching about bearded dragon terrarium and bearded dragon accessories, along with bearded dragon food list.

Appropriate bearded dragoon food was my biggest question, due to all the stories, which indicated his vulnerability when it comes to his diet.

bearded dragons diet

Because I realized this is not a cheap pet to have, I was determined to give him appropriate care, not to mention my son´s hurt feelings in case of its loss due to its bad food plan or other mistakes a beginner or an ignorant person can make.

Some members of the forums I visited cited different manuals, which helped them gaining enough information to give their bearded dragoon a nice, comfortable life.


There was also a talk about poor and misleading information from pet stores and breeders due to their negligence or/and desire for profit. 

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

I came across these bearded dragon secret manual, which caught my attention saying there are information and knowledge about bearded dragon lizard pet shop owners and breeders don’t want you to know or won’t tell you due to their lack of time and/or interest, desire for profit or some other reason.


The manual contains most common mistakes a bearded dragoon owner can make and gives you a list of signs you have to pay attention to.

It also gives you enough information you need to gain in order to give your bearded dragon the care it deserves.

It covers sheading, eating, moving drinking, behavior and aggressiveness, coloring, environment, prices and much more.

baby bearded dragon care


Here is a list of just few information and facts, which I found interesting:

  • 13 essential do’s and don’ts when handling your bearded dragon           
  • children supervision when handling bearded dragons
  • exercises with technique used by zoos
  • safe release of your bearded dragon form its cage
  • choosing a vet who specializes in caring for bearded dragons and 9 questions to ask any vet before hiring him / her
  • How to avoid causing stress to your bearded dragons
  • ways to save money when purchasing any equipment for your bearded dragon
breeding bearded dragons

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